Linear Regulators






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              Product Family Table
              Part NumberDescriptionStatusSubFamilyRegulated Outputs(.)Output OptionsIout (Max)(mA)Vin (Min)(V)Vin (Max)(V)Fixed Output Options(V)Vout (Min)(V)Vout (Max)(V)EnableUnder Voltage LockoutPin/PackageEV Kit Available?Datasheet

              UM1330DA-xx150mA, Low Noise, Low Dropout RegulatorACTIVELow Output Noise LDO1Fixed Output1502.75.5 1.53.3YesYes6/DFN 2.0×2.0 
              UM1330P-xx150mA, Low Noise, Low Dropout RegulatorACTIVELow Output Noise LDO1Fixed Output1502.75.5 1.53.3YesYes5/SOT353 
              UM1330S-xx150mA, Low Noise, Low Dropout RegulatorACTIVELow Output Noise LDO1Fixed Output1502.75.5 1.53.3YesYes5/SOT23 
              UM142xxB12V, 300mA, Low Consumption Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output3002.512 2.55NoNo3/SOT89Y
              UM142xxS12V, 300mA, Low Consumption Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output3002.512 2.55NoNo3/SOT23Y
              UM142xxY12V, 300mA, Low Consumption Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output3002.512 2.55NoNo3/SOT89Y
              UM1430B-xx18V Input, 100mA Current Limited, Micropower Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output1003.618 26NoNo3/SOT89Y
              UM1430S5-xx18V Input, 100mA Current Limited, Micropower Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output1003.618 26NoNo5/SOT23Y
              UM1430S-xx18V Input, 100mA Current Limited, Micropower Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output1003.618 26NoNo3/SOT23Y
              UM1430Y-xx18V Input, 100mA Current Limited, Micropower Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output1003.618 26NoNo3/SOT89Y
              UM1440S-xx18V Input, 100mA Current Limited, Micropower Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output1003.618 26YesNo5/SOT23Y
              UM1440Y-xx18V Input, 100mA Current Limited, Micropower Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output1003.618 26YesNo5/SOT89Y
              UM1450S-xx250mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output250 16 2.55NoNo3/SOT23Y
              UM153xxSUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output1002.25.5 1.35NoNo3/SOT23Y
              UM153xxYUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output1002.25.5 1.35NoNo3/SOT89Y
              UM154xxDAUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output1002.25.5 1.35YesNo6/DFN6L 2.0×2.0Y
              UM154xxSUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output1002.25.5 1.35YesNo5/SOT23Y
              UM154xxYUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output1002.25.5 1.35YesNo5/SOT89Y
              UM1650S-xx350mA, Micropower, Very Low Dropout Linear RegulatorACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output3502.56 14NoYes3/SOT23Y
              UM165xx300mA, Micropower, VLDO Linear RegulatorACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output3002.56 2.83.3NoYes3/SOT23Y
              UM1750DA-00350mA, Micropower, Very Low Dropout Linear RegulatorACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Adjustable Output3502.56 15YesYes6/DFN 2.0×2.0Y
              UM1750DA-xx350mA, Micropower, Very Low Dropout Linear RegulatorACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output3502.56 14YesYes6/DFN 2.0×2.0Y
              UM1750S-00350mA, Micropower, Very Low Dropout Linear RegulatorACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Adjustable Output3502.56 15YesYes5/SOT23Y
              UM1750S-xx350mA, Micropower, Very Low Dropout Linear RegulatorACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output3502.56 14YesYes5/SOT23Y
              UM1750Y-00350mA, Micropower, Very Low Dropout Linear RegulatorACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Adjustable Output3502.56 15YesYes5/SOT89 
              UM1750Y-xx350mA, Micropower, Very Low Dropout Linear RegulatorACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output3502.56 14YesYes5/SOT89 
              UM175xx300mA, Micropower, VLDO Linear Regulator with Enable ACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output3002.56 2.83.3YesYes5/SOT23Y
              UM1770DA-00500mA, Micropower, VLDO Linear Regulator with EnableACTIVESingle Channel 500mA Output Current LDO1Adjustable Output5002.56 15YesYes6/DFN 2.0×2.0Y
              UM1770DA-xx500mA, Micropower, VLDO Linear Regulator with EnableACTIVESingle Channel 500mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output5002.56 14YesYes6/DFN 2.0×2.0Y
              UM1770Y-00500mA, Micropower, VLDO Linear Regulator with EnableACTIVESingle Channel 500mA Output Current LDO1Adjustable Output5002.56 15YesYes5/SOT89 
              UM1770Y-xx500mA, Micropower, VLDO Linear Regulator with EnableACTIVESingle Channel 500mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output5002.56 14YesYes5/SOT89 
              UM365xxP300mA, Micropower, Low Dropout Linear RegulatorACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output3002.56 1.25NoYes3/SOT323Y
              UM365xxS300mA, Micropower, Low Dropout Linear RegulatorACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output3002.56 1.25NoYes3/SOT23Y
              UM3730DA-xx150mA, Micropower, Low Dropout Linear Regulator with EnableACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output1502.55.5 13.3YesNo4/DFN 1.0×1.0 
              UM3730P-xx150mA, Micropower, Low Dropout Linear Regulator with EnableACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output1502.55.5 13.3YesNo5/SOT353Y
              UM375xxP300mA, Micropower, Low Dropout Linear Regulator with EnableACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output30026 1.25YesYes5/SOT353Y
              UM375xxS300mA, Micropower, Low Dropout Linear Regulator with EnableACTIVESingle Channel ≤350mA Output Current LDO1Fixed Output30026 1.25YesYes5/SOT23Y
              UM4750DA-xx300mA, Micropower, Dual Channel Low Dropout Linear Regulator with EnableACTIVEDual Channel 300mA Output Current LDO2Fixed Output3002.55.5 1.25YesNo6/DFN 2.0×2.0 
              UM4750DB-xx300mA, Micropower, Dual Channel Low Dropout Linear Regulator with EnableACTIVEDual Channel 300mA Output Current LDO2Fixed Output3002.55.5 1.25YesNo8/DFN 3.0×3.0 
              UM4750S-xx300mA, Micropower, Dual Channel Low Dropout Linear Regulator with EnableACTIVEDual Channel 300mA Output Current LDO2Fixed Output3002.55.5 1.25YesNo6/SOT23Y
              UM1550SUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output3001.88 1.25NoNo3/SOT23Y
              UM1550YUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output3001.88 1.25NoNo3/SOT89Y
              UM1550BUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output3001.88 1.25NoNo3/SOT89Y
              UM1550DAUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output3001.88 1.25NoNo6/DFN 2.0×2.0Y
              UM1550DBUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output3001.88 1.25NoNo4/DFN 1.0×1.0Y
              UM1560SUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output3001.88 1.25YesNo5/SOT23Y
              UM1560DAUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output3001.88 1.25YesNo6/DFN 2.0×2.0Y
              UM1560DBUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output3001.88 1.25YesNo4/DFN 1.0×1.0Y
              UM1431S-xx30V Input, 100mA Current Limit, Micropower Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output1003.630 26NoNo3/SOT23Y
              UM1431S5-xx30V Input, 100mA Current Limit, Micropower Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output1003.630 26NoNo5/SOT23Y
              UM1431Y-xx30V Input, 100mA Current Limit, Micropower Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output1003.630 26NoNo3/SOT89Y
              UM1431B-xx30V Input, 100mA Current Limit, Micropower Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output1003.630 26NoNo3/SOT89Y
              UM1441S-xx30V Input, 100mA Current Limit, Micropower Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output1003.630 26YesNo5/SOT23Y
              UM1441Y-xx30V Input, 100mA Current Limit, Micropower Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output1003.630 26YesNo5/SOT89Y
              UM1450Y-xx250mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output250 16 2.55NoNo3/SOT89Y
              UM1560PUltra Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorACTIVEUltra Low Quiescent Current LDO1Fixed Output3001.88 1.25YesNo4/SOT343Y
              UM1451S-xx300mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output300 24 2.55NoNo3/SOT23 
              UM1461S-00300mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Adjustable Output300 24 2.55YesNo5/SOT23 
              UM1461Y-00300mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Adjustable Output300 24 2.55YesNo5/SOT89 
              UM1450B-xx250mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output250 16 2.55NoNo3/SOT89Y
              UM1451Y-xx300mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output300 24 2.55NoNo3/SOT89 
              UM1451B-xx300mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output300 24 2.55NoNo3/SOT89 
              UM1461S-xx300mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output300 24 2.55YesNo5/SOT23 
              UM1461Y-xx300mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output300 24 2.55YesNo5/SOT89 
              UM1460S-xx250mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output250 16 2.55YesNo5/SOT23 
              UM1460SR-xx250mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output250 16 2.55YesNo5/SOT23 
              UM1460Y-xx250mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Fixed Output250 16 2.55YesNo5/SOT89 
              UM1460S-00250mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Adjustable Output250 16 2.55YesNo5/SOT23 
              UM1460SR-00250mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Adjustable Output250 16 2.55YesNo5/SOT23 
              UM1460Y-00250mA, Low Consumption, Wide Input Voltage Linear RegulatorACTIVEHigh Input Voltage LDO1Adjustable Output250 16 2.55YesNo5/SOT89 
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